5 ways to use emoji’s in the classroom

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Are you looking for a different dynamic for your classrooms? Why not use emojis? Today we give you 5 ideas to do it.

Nowadays people have found out a new way to express their views i.e. through emojis. Now the challenge is how to inculcate it in the classrooms so it will be helpful for the students to make the study go easy. There is an application created to use in the classroom which is get talking smileys.

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1. What do your favorite emoji say about you?

Start by asking your students which emojis they use the most (we assume that most students do or have used emojis).A good way to break the ice may be that we as teachers start talking about the one we use the most.

2. Emoji weekend

This would be a good activity to pose in the first class of the week and practice the past. The idea is that students choose 5 emojis to summarize their weekend (they can repeat an emoji more than once). One student will teach another student his emojis and one of them has to create a sentence in which they will try to get the summary of the weekend.

3. The emojis as a theme for newsroom

In this case, we will provide the students with a series of three or four emojis that will serve as a starting point for a writing exercise. We could include them at the top of a printed page or project them on our electronic board. In any case, we will ask our students to create a paragraph in which they include the meaning of all of them. We can also provide an aid with the start of a sentence that must be completed with the emojis.

4. Emoji exit ticket

The exit ticket will be a short summary of the students at the end of each lesson. It is a simple way of giving the students the short feedback. It will easy for the students to understand the concept of using emojis in the classroom.

5. Emoji idiom quiz

Since the emojis appeared, they have been used to make different interpretations with a humorous tone in social networks. We can find lyrics, the first stanzas of famous novels or entire children’s stories written only with emojis.This trend can be very interesting to teach idioms.

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