“Stylize your Chat with Free Talking Smileys”

Sharing is one of the most powerful things and when it comes to sharing your feelings, thoughts, and emotions; Social media websites have now become the best stage for it. Come let’s share the messages with swank. As the sense of humour varies from person to person, so, what you might find funny, someone else may not. Sometimes this builds a wall between the friends while chatting. But our talking smileys will help you to break the ice, these smileys will be loved by each & every one for sure as these can add fun to almost everything they say in chat.

Talking smileys give you a way to liven up your style of sharing messages and posts in an interactive manner in your own wordings in a disparate approach. You can pick any of our smileys to give a little more personal touch to the intent of the message. It is delightful that these will work on any application like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, etc and the best part is that they are FREE for use.

Our animated talking smileys say vaguely everything so we are pretty sure to offer something for every occasion. Expressing yourself has never been so easy, funny and wonderful. These days, people are not into typing the message, it has become a boring concept for the youngsters. Everyone wants to spend less time on typing yet crave to be more elaborate and deep in mentioning things. The answer to this aspiration of yours is our talking smileys. (Check out 5 reasons for using talking smileys in your daily routine chat)

Unlimited fun-based Smileys comes in different: 

– Voice pitches which go in-line with the feel of the message.

– Size and shape of the face to add to the emotion or attitude behind the message.

– Identities like the lion, cat, pig, frog, monkey, bird, dog, etc. to make it funnier than ever.

You are also able to share our emoticons on various social media sites, text messages and even e-mails in addition to others, which have hundreds of smileys. These cute little smileys talk in an impressive way and are easily available on our website.

Getting free talking smileys for chat has been possible only because of the free software application under Communication category with Chat and Instant Messaging subcategory. This great application can be downloaded on your Android and iPhones devices. Iphone users can download the app by clicking here and Android users can download it here.

Get Talking Smileys; if not into ‘Typing’

get talking smileys

We as humans are blessed with one of the unique sense i.e. Tongue. It not only gives the taste of the food we eat but also helps us in communicating thoughts, ideas, emotions, and inner feelings of ours, etc. Face to face conversation allows us to show the intent of our words. But nowadays, mobile phones with text messages and social media profiles etc. are used more than the in-person verbal communication. Communicating in a text message is quite boring for some people & they want to make a difference. Thus, one can add emotions to the text using the emojis/smileys showing an emotional gesture of the face.

Thanks to the day-to-day advancement in technology, the quest for the new ways of showing emotions is answered by our website. Talking smileys is the best application to download in Android and iPhones devices where one can come to get the enjoyment by creating laughable animated video and able to share emoticons on various social media sites, text messages and even e-mails in addition.

These number of smileys helps each and every one to express their thoughts and feelings. Now, let me tell you few of the benefits of using talking smileys:


  1. Feel of actuality: You can bond more with the people. When you share your emotions through these cute smileys, the person gets the feeling of real you, in-turn, personal feeling. Also, looking at the positive talking smiley brings positivity into the person looking at it.
  2. Popularity: When someone uses advanced technology in any sphere of life, it makes one the most talked about, popular among all. And if that sphere is social media site, it puts impact not only on the people you know but also on those who know the person whom you know, which means the popularity multiply many times.
  3. Breaking the ice: Share any truthful thought of yours with someone not so in good terms using talking smileys. And it will help you in melting the heart of your opposition and may mend the relations later.
  4. Happiness, friendliness, and competence: Smileys gives you the power of showing and sharing your happiness, plus friendliness to everyone. It makes you look smarter and more approachable.

It gives you the real-time positivity and the person who is getting these ones will also get to feel the same happiness, which makes Get Talking Smileys an amazing site to visit and get the chance to use these smileys for unlimited fun while chatting.

Express yourself with ease of Talking Smileys

Talking Smileys

These days people are very much font of using the social networking websites and they used to express their feelings with the help of animated emotions which are commonly known as smileys. These are the expressions and the emotions one can express, without send a line or a message to the other person that what he really want to convey to the person, he is sending the message.

Adding fun and happiness over the talks

Whenever people use the social networking sites, they used to see that they got any message or notifications, for which they can give a reply. But now time has came, where people open a face book as well as the Instagram and give a reply with the help of talking smileys.

There are different kinds of emotions and expression, which can be used to express the feeling of the sender, such as emotional, sad, happy, cool, nice, tired, etc. In the starting of the social networking apps and websites, one can see only the yellow colored round smileys, but now there are plenty of several smileys available in the apps, which one can use to express their mode of emotions to the other person.

Availability of talking smileys on the social media

Initially, it was only available on the messages, where people use to express their feelings by the dots and points but now the talking smileys  are available on the hundreds of social networking apps which includes; Face book, Instagram, Hike messenger, Doodles, Snap chat, etc.

Nowadays, Hike messenger is much in demand and people may find the talking smileys like the celebrities are dancing, president is giving the speech and there are another very much exciting options available, which people are using a mode of communication or we can say that they are saving time by send an emotions to sender and expressing their feelings.

Where it is available?

Our website has most of the new as well as old talking smileys, which is also available in ITunes as well as in the play store but up to a limited numbers. But our website is having an additional expressions or thoughts which one can download from our website on one easy click. All the easy instructions of using these smileys are available on the website. Just visit the page and start using the smileys from our website.


talking smileys, chat smileys, talking smileys app

The generation of today believes in expressing everything to the fullest. They believe in giving expressions, actions, and reactions even more than just words. The modern day’s chat messages and group chats are not only equipped with short and sweet abbreviations but also with smileys. These smileys are faces that represent all types of emotions like happiness, sadness, sorrow, joy, grief, naughtiness etc.


There was a time when we got excited about the static-smiley faces available in different applications. But those smileys failed to give much satisfaction. As even after sending them, we still have to explain our feelings. Now we can express even more with the talking smileys. These smileys very well represent our emotions and that too with an animation or moving effect.

We can simply add more fun and excitement to our regular chatting times with these smileys. So they express and convey the similar feelings without even using words for it.


There are more than even hundreds of available options for these talking smileys. We can choose the kind of smiley we want from those options. Almost every emotion and feeling that we can generally think of- is available on the list of these smileys. So try these smileys instead of writing simple words for every special talk.


This will definitely be a mood elevator for those who are Apple users. These talking smileys are present in an iTunes app also. All Iphone users or Apple users can download this app from iTunes and then can enjoy their fun chats.

From this app, you can easily choose your favorite emoticons. These facebook emoticons will make your talking or communicating ways even more impressive. So don’t just continue to type, use an even better way of expressing and impressing on facebook.


It happens a lot of times that we want to say something really deep but we fail to get matching words as our expressions are way more powerful than just words. Our facebook emoticons can be our best friends in those times of need. They can express our deeply dug feelings in just a few seconds.

There is a great place of friends in our lives. We all have those sweet and naughty gestures for our friends that we keep hiding from our elder ones. These emoticons will be the best ways to remind them of our secret gestures or signature moves.

Smileys and emoticons are showing up everywhere

facebook emoticons

Save time and have fun with talking smileys

Smileys and emoticons are showing up everywhere! They are very helpful in making online chats, conversation and even business mail more interesting and meaningful. There is a very beautiful maxim that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and smileys and emoticons are pictures. They are simply the facial manifestation of a mood represented by punctuation and letters that form an impression and help express the message of the writer.

Ever speculate where Emoticons came from?

Emoticons is a portmanteau and is derived from two words- emotions and icons. Today, talking smileys and emoticons have become so popular that they are very commonly used for text messaging and emailing. However, these emotions are not new, you can track smileys in English writing back to the 19th century where they were used in a very casual and amusing writing. Nevertheless, Scott Fahlman was the first to propose these emoticons in digital form on the internet in 1982. Now, you can get talking smiley for Facebook chats, emails and other social networking sites as well.

Most Dominant form of communication

With the growing popularity and utility of emoticons, it has become one of the leading form of web communication. Due to this several computer programmers have started replacing text emoticon with symbolic images. These emoticons are considered best when you are doing conversation online with someone. You are not require to write lengthy text in order to express your feelings, simply draw the emoticons expressing your true feelings in the best possible way. This nonverbal form of communication is considered ore impactful than normal text message because they make your chat interesting and lively.

Emoticons are used throughout the world

The use of emoticons are becoming popular throughout the world. Everyone today is using emoticons to make their chat a fun. Apart from this, these smileys are so cute that they also help in resolving fights and quarrels between the love couples. Such a strong emotions these emoticons carry, one cannot even think. Due to this, several websites are proposing these smileys online. If you wish to take your chat to next level, get talking smiley downloaded in your smartphone, IPhone, laptop and tablet. If you are confused and not able to decide from where to download attractive 3D emoticons, get talking smiley website ends your confusion. This is the most reliable website that help you in sharing your thoughts and mood in your message. Get more than 1000 free emoticons in order to spice up your chat.

5 reasons of using emoticons in your daily chat

Talking Smileys

Emoticons are new and the most effective method of communication as it help in expressing your true emotions without words, and they are easy to understand. You are not require to type lengthy text while chatting as a single emoticon will serve your purpose. They are also considered as the most effective social media tool. Therefore, you must use these smileys while chatting to be more expressive and interesting. You can get talking smileys anywhere from internet. Simply download it and use in your chat. Apart from this there are several other reasons of using emoticons while chatting on any social media platform, some of them are discussed below:

  • Taking smileys make you popular on social media: According to a study, using of powerful emoticons on a regular basis can make you popular on social media. It can set a media status marker for you.
  • They also work in Business settings: Many people believe that emoticons are a part of informal chat, but a study reveal that smileys and emoticons are used on email chats these days. These emoticons can be used in highly official mail also.
  • They moderate the blow of a critique: words can sound harsh many a times, but emoticons express the true feeling. Many a times a negative situation can be handled with the help of positive emoticons. For example, an employer with negative feedback yet a positive emoticon can handle the situation very well, making the employees feel better.
  • Your appearance seems to be more friendly and proficient: Use of emoticons in your chat makes you look friendly. It brings the true you though when you are not in front of the person with whom you are chatting. A study reveals that emoticons are said to leave more impact on the mind of the reader as compared to the words. Thus, emoticons effect cognition.
  • They create a happy environment: Chatting can become dull and monotonous after some time because of lack of facial expressions, but emoticons can help in creating a happy environment as they make the chat interesting and people who are on chat remain active.

If you are desperate to use talking smileys in your chat, you can get it downloaded from the homepage. The website have hundreds of stimulating smileys for the users who wish to make their chat appealing than ever before. Get it downloaded on your smartphones, tablets and iPad today!

Get talking smileys to make your chat messages and posts even more interesting

We are living in a digital era. In this era, we avoid having the face- to- face conversations and telephonic conversations with everyone. To save out more-than precious time and to support our multi-tasking, we prefer to chat with them. This chatting also allows us to send messages to more than two persons at a time. Thus chatting proves to be more convenient, time- saving and expressive way of communicating with others. Along with sending text messages, we can send them emoticons or smileys also. These emoticons or smileys are used to make our chat conversations even more interesting and expressive.

These emoticons are yellow colored faces or some graphic art pictures. They represent some particular emotions to be expressed in chat-conversations. To make these conversations even more impressive and expressive, new talking smileys have also been launched. These talking smileys have various emotions and graphic bodies showing those emotions. You can get talking smileys for your devices easily from talking smiley app, thus you can make your chat- partners feel even more loved and cared for.

Available in different styles-

These emoticons and smileys are available in different styles. You can purchase or download the freely available emoticons and use them in your chats. Your simple texts will be converted into interesting expressions that you might have given in the face- to- face conversations. These differently styled talking smileys are compatible with different smartphones and gadgets. So choose the best one for you which is compatible with your device.

Full-body graphics also-

You can get also full-body graphic smileys also. Those full body talking smileys have girls and boys making different faces. They also have differently styled text boards in their hands. There are different applications available on application stores for simple downloading. You can also download these applications and add different styles to your conversations.

They represent different emotions-

These smileys represent different types of emotions. You can get talking smileys for every emotion like smiling, blushing, laughing, anger and hatred. Rather than just typing or sending text messages, you should send these talking smileys to interact at an even better platform.

Text abbreviations available-

These talking smileys are also available with some text abbreviations. So you can use those abbreviations in talking smileys with proper actions rather than just typing single words. These talking smileys can also be used to spice up the conversations with your beloved one. You can also add an extra fun to your group conversations.

Make Your Web Communication More Interesting And Entertaining with Talking Smileys

Facebook EmoticonsNow a day’s everyone is involved in some kind of online conversations and the chatting on their smart phones. There are two kinds of chats some are formal which are in form of e-mail, text messages or blogs and other are informal chats which we carry out with our friends and near dear ones informally. There are some little talking smileys which can make the chat more interesting and lively. It is the universal facts that feelings can be betters express through the gestures and the expressions than the spoken words. Similarly while chatting online these talking emoticons serves the best medium of expressing our feelings, thoughts and point of view to the other person.

Impressive talking smileys can convert monotonous and dull chat into an interesting one– the cute humble smileys are applicable usually in all kind of web communication and makes the dull and bring chat an impressive and interesting one.

Avoid misunderstandings and deliver true meaning in lively and interesting manner- in chat it is difficult to understand the true meaning when the person is talking in sarcastic way but these smileys can solve this problem very easily. These smileys are available in each emotion that can frame each feeling of the human in the proper and the accurate manner. The tone and mood can easily be perceived through the emoticons.

Showcase of the true feelings: emotional icons are another name which suits to these emoticons as they are the medium through which true feelings can be expressed in the interesting manner.

Presents true picture of the sender’s state of mind- These smiles helps to judge the present state of mind of the sender through the use of even single emoticons.

If you also want to make your chat more impressive and interesting one and are in search of free talking smiles chat than you only need to click the link get-talking-smileys.com to download these exciting smiles. There are hundreds of smiles presenting different moods and feelings of the human present in the app. They built up more interest even in the boring chat. You can carry out your chat for longer periods as competitively.

Fun-loving 3D smileys are also available on this app. This can make your chat more lively as well as fun loving. These emoticons smiles free and look so real that you feel that they are actually talking, crying, whistling, laughing, dancing and smiling in real. Enjoy the pleasure of fun loving and lively chat with these emoticons.

Spice up your web communication with talking smileys

Emoticons Smiley Free

Chatting and conversations online are becoming more and more popular these days. People are using cute little talking smileys in their formal as well as informal chats including e-mails, message boards, blogs and text messages. These talking smileys are so impressive that they convert your monotonous and dull chat into an interesting one. The most popular emoticon is the cute humble smiley, which is generally applicable in all kinds of web communication.

Emoticon convey meaningful message:

Many a times, your words can be mistaken and that can adversely affect your relation with the reader of the message, thus you can take help of these friendly smileys that help you in conveying your message with accurate meaning.

For instance: you cannot make out with the tone and mood of the person you are sending and if the person is being sarcastic while talking, it can be difficult to determine true meaning of his message, but smileys and emoticons have solved this problem. If the person is typing rude words but he did not mean that, a winking smiley can be made in order to clear that he is just joking.

Emoticon convey true feelings:

The another name for emoticon icon is emotional icon because it helps in conveying true feelings and the reader with the help of your drawn emoticon can make out what you really want to say. To be more precise, present state of mind of the writer can be judged with a single smiley. [Also check Most Popular Facebook Emoticons here: https://get-talking-smileys.com/list-popular-facebook-emoticons/]

Therefore, if you are looking for some exciting smileys and emoticons in order to make your chat impressive, you can download it from talking smileys app. The app contain hundreds of talking smileys with the help of which you can make your web communication interesting and spicy as well. It keeps the conversation going on for a longer time period.

You are also available with exciting and fun-loving 3D smileys on this app. This brings life to your chat. These cute smileys will look like real cute emoticons and you will feel that they are talking, smiling, crying, whistling, dancing and laughing in real.

So, interesting in chatting in a more advanced and fun way, download cute little smileys on your smartphones,
I-pad or I-phone with talking smileys app  and share it to your friends and peer on Facebook, twitter and any other social networking site.

List of Most Popular Facebook Emoticons

chat smileysFacebook has become the most popular and busiest social networking site. In addition, with the development of Facebook emoticons expressing our thoughts by chat has become simpler and interesting as well. If you are asked to chat online without the help of these emoticons, your chat can become dull and non-interesting at some point of time, which can further frustrate you.
However, with the help of these emoticons, you are not required to type much. Single emoticons can help expressing your complete feelings. For instance, you need not write ‘I am happy’ or ‘I am angry’. If you are available with those interesting emoticons, you just need to send a smiling and angry smiley respectively.

Though there are several Facebook Emoticons available today, below mentioned is the list of some popular emoticons:

1.The Smiley Emoticon-

This emoticon is on the top of the list. Every Facebook user is familiar with this smiley and is in a habit of using the smiley emoticon in order to express their happy mood. It is considered a great way to showcase your emotions the time when chat becomes dull and monotonous. However, there are several another emoticon available in Facebook, but smiley emoticon is the most widely used emoticon.

2.Heart Symbol-

Other popular and widely used emoticons on Facebook in the heart symbol. People are generally involved in a romantic chat on Facebook, thus this heart symbol is helpful in expressing their love and emotions to the person you are chatting. The heart is not only used to express love to your lover, but you can impress your elders and family members also by sending a heart symbol denoting that you love them a lot.

3.Pacman Symbol-

Pacman was a very popular game of the 80s, but this endearing yellow dandy lost its popularity after the advent of PlayStation and laptop games. However, this yellow dude is back as a wistful symbol on Facebook. This emoticon helps you in preserving some lost memories of the 80s.
Therefore, if you are interested in making your dull and boring chat an interesting one, you can download exciting Facebook emoticons from a reliable website, named “Talking Smileys”. With this application, you can easily download your favourite emoticons for the Facebook app. Apart from that, you can also share these emoticons with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites. To download your emoticons visit https://get-talking-smileys.com