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Social media emoticons

The term “emoji” comes directly from Japan and is generally translated in France, by “emoticon”. Since their first appearance several years ago, these smileys used to image an emotion, have literally invaded our daily lives. Embedded in emails, ubiquitous in texting, they also have a prominent place on social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram.

Playful and entertaining, emojis, like gifs, are used on the web by individuals and businesses alike.


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But do you know how to exploit them wisely for profit?

Emojis: a communication in its own right: Today on the web, the easiest and quickest option to describe the joy, surprise, anger or gene is definitely the use of emoji. Becauselet’s face it, these colourful and expressive emoticons have the gift of relaxinga conversation, a sentence or an opinion in a few seconds,do not you think?

From now on, emojis are everywhere and have seduced a lot of socio active people, from the average Internet user to the politicians through the brands that have the will to communicate in a unique and more original way. Even going as far as personalizing them like Burger King, Mentos or Ikea, to name a few.Using social media emoticons is, of course, to incorporate them into a text, embedded in an organic or on a photograph as is often the case on the web. But not that … you can quite introduce them into comments or legends to add a humorous and offbeat touch to your message.

Most social platforms offer the use of emoticons and this modern communication, fun and dynamic are perfectly integrated by Internet users around the world.

Use emojis on Instagram

On the Instagram social network, hashtags predominate to allow SEO and search by keywords. This being the case, you can use the emojis at your disposal, in addition to hashtags, to perfect and make your message more playful.

These small visuals find their place in your description that presents your Instagram account to attract your followers or direct them to a particular information or link. These emojis are found in Instagram’s internal search engine and allow you to identify accounts that use the same symbols as you. With more than 25% of posts featuring at least one emoji on Instagram, the social network is the one that contains the most in proportion to the conversations of users.