Top 3 Social media platforms of 2018

Social Media has become a most visited place. People have started living in the virtual world than in the real one. They are more curious, aware and happy about knowing the updates on these platforms. The popularity of the social media sites is accounted by the number of active users on the website. These are available in multiple languages, empower us to connect with the friends separated by geographical, economical way and also, by political perimeters. Billions of people use the internet and social networking platforms; the count is still on rising day by day as its traction is increasing with a boost in mobile usage.

Social network usage by consumers is sundry:

  • The platform like Facebook and Google+ are majorly focusing on exchanging of talks and sharing of photos, status and social games between the family and the friends. Chatting on such sites have become reality as we can get talking smileys to give it a mesmerizing effect.
  • Additional social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr concentrate on rapid communication and are suitably entitled as microblogs. Few of them are community-based and few others are into the display and highlighting user-generated content.

Let us now talk about the three topmost social media networking sites according to us.

1)  Facebook: According to the most recently researched data which is more or less accurate states that Facebook has crossed the mark of 2.07 billion monthly active users. Due to its massive popularity, media coverage is including the scanning of privacy and psychological effects on the user in a long run. The website has many technical and non-technical aspects. Registered users get their own personal profile that displays the content written by them and the posts shared. Users are allowed to add a profile picture, cover photo and many more photos can be uploaded and shared as per the user likes. These ones and various features have made it the most popular and number one ranked site.

2) YouTube: With 1.5 million monthly active users, YouTube has been ranked as the second most sought-after site. It allows a user to upload, view, add to favorite, share, report and comment on the videos. And you are allowed to subscribe to the other users. It has another social media-based feature termed public beta community that allows the user to post text, live videos, images, etc. on their channel.

3) Instagram: This social networking application is growing as the people are adopting in their every-day lives. It is third most popular social media networking site has 800 million monthly active users. It’s a desktop, mobile and internet-based photo sharing application. It allows users to share photos and videos either publicly, privately or to pre-approved followers. Various digital filters are available for images and geotag to add locations. Related contents can also be linked to the pictures using Hashtag feature. Along with this, an Instagram account can be connected with any other social media profile for common sharing.

Interesting features with easy to use functionality has given a boom to the social media networking and speeding up on the daily basis with growing digitization.

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