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This entertainment app is offering you to enjoy expressing your feelings to entertain yourself and your friends with the funniest and coolest animated talking smiley faces and emoticons. On the app you get to choose from numerous animated smileys and funny emojis, watching talking smileys videos and choosing your favorites that suit your mood and purpose. Very easy to use and fun for any age!

On this emoji app, the animated smileys and emoticons created offer variety of choices, depending on your feelings, mood and your style to entertain yourself and your friends. The entertainment app is offering many animated smileys and emoji faces to express how you feel in different events or situations. Choose your favorites and express yourself without using words on your own creative way.

All talking smiley faces and emoticons you can share with others on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Hike, Hangout, Skype, Gmail, Email, Line, Wechat or others. Choose the smileys and emoticons you like and share them on any platform you want . Entertain yourself and your friends by sharing your favorite animated video with this incredibly fun entertainment app!

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Use Talking Smileys to Share your thoughts, feelings and emotions in your posts and messages in a way that words simply can’t convey!

Use on your Phone, Tablet or Facebook..

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Anroid app for Facebook Chat Smileys iPhone App for Text Smileys



As we all know, sending text messages can get quite dull after some time, boring even. A lot of time it’s a necessity and sometimes we text people simply for fun. We’ve all definitely been there and done that and we’ve all asked ourselves at some point: “What can I add to my texts to make them more interesting? How can I make my texts funnier and more appealing” and many questions similar to these.

You’re probably excited by now and wondering where can you get all of those emoticons.

Funny Smiley Emoticons
We have a great Application “TALKING SMILEYS” for iPhone, iPad, Android and FB app with 100’s of animated talking smileys that you can share with your friends on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Email, Messages and other social networks..


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What are the effects of Emoticons in our Communication?

What roles do emoticons and smileys play in Communication Jokes, sarcastic sentences, and more generally, the mood of the sender of a message can be very difficult to pin down during a digital exchange. Also, a misinterpretation may cause conflict. That’s why emoticons and smileys have become almost indispensable. Indeed, they allow clarifying the meaning of a text. Use …

Use Get Talking Smileys App and Change the Way You Communicate

Social media emoticons The term “emoji” comes directly from Japan and is generally translated in France, by “emoticon”. Since their first appearance several years ago, these smileys used to image an emotion, have literally invaded our daily lives. Embedded in emails, ubiquitous in texting, they also have a prominent place on social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, …