5 reasons of using emoticons in your daily chat

Emoticons are new and the most effective method of communication as it help in expressing your true emotions without words, and they are easy to understand. You are not require to type lengthy text while chatting as a single emoticon will serve your purpose. They are also considered as the most effective social media tool. Therefore, you must use these smileys while chatting to be more expressive and interesting. You can get talking smileys anywhere from internet. Simply download it and use in your chat. Apart from this there are several other reasons of using emoticons while chatting on any social media platform, some of them are discussed below:

  • Taking smileys make you popular on social media: According to a study, using of powerful emoticons on a regular basis can make you popular on social media. It can set a media status marker for you.
  • They also work in Business settings: Many people believe that emoticons are a part of informal chat, but a study reveal that smileys and emoticons are used on email chats these days. These emoticons can be used in highly official mail also.
  • They moderate the blow of a critique: words can sound harsh many a times, but emoticons express the true feeling. Many a times a negative situation can be handled with the help of positive emoticons. For example, an employer with negative feedback yet a positive emoticon can handle the situation very well, making the employees feel better.
  • Your appearance seems to be more friendly and proficient: Use of emoticons in your chat makes you look friendly. It brings the true you though when you are not in front of the person with whom you are chatting. A study reveals that emoticons are said to leave more impact on the mind of the reader as compared to the words. Thus, emoticons effect cognition.
  • They create a happy environment: Chatting can become dull and monotonous after some time because of lack of facial expressions, but emoticons can help in creating a happy environment as they make the chat interesting and people who are on chat remain active.

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