Lively conversations with talking emoticon

The conversations of today are more lively and full of energy. People have stopped using loads of words in expressing themselves. They have started using the modern-day ways of expressing their emotions. Rather than wasting their time in typing, they like sending emoticons to their beloved ones. With increasing modernization, the normal emoticons are replaced by the even
stylish and beneficial talking emoticons. These emoticons literally make the entire conversations lively and full of fun.

No more typing, typing, and typing-

Gone are the days when people had to type hundreds of words and send lengthy texts to explain their feelings. This is the era of sending emoticons or smileys to ensure that the other persons see the most honest facial expressions. So guys, no more hard work in typing, typing,
and typing from now onwards.

Need of the hour for the present generation-

This present generation is living the life of tight work schedules and lack of family times. In this lacking family time, they fail to get much time for typing and texting. So these talking emoticons are literally the greatest need of the hour for our present generation. They do not have any time for their friends, family or even their life partners. So these talking emoticons make sure that they convey the maximum of the heartfelt feelings of persons to their beloved

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Talking emoticons making people more expressive-

Most of the relationships of present generation suffer because people fail to express their feelings and emotions. They tend to face problems while explaining themselves or while expressing their emotions as they are dealing with the stresses and tensions of the modern day competition. These stresses and tensions ruin their relationships. But these talking emoticons are there for their rescue.

Helping the needy lovers-

There are a large number of loving and seriously caring guys out there who fail to express their loving emotions in front of their beloved ones. They definitely need to have some medium of conversation with which they can express their emotions. This medium is the chat screens that they have. They can easily use these talking emoticons to express their emotions without having to use any words.

Helping hands in managing time-

The greatest problem of today’s generation is the time management. They fail to converse properly with their beloved ones because of the shortage of time and because they fail to manage. They fail to understand that how much time should be allotted to which activity. These talking emoticons will make their conversations even better and livelier.

What are the effects of Emoticons in our Communication?

What roles do emoticons and smileys play in Communication

Jokes, sarcastic sentences, and more generally, the mood of the sender of a message can be very difficult to pin down during a digital exchange. Also, a misinterpretation may cause conflict. That’s why emoticons and smileys have become almost indispensable. Indeed, they allow clarifying the meaning of a text. Use of many emoticons apps such as Get talking Smileys is used much today than it was before and it certainly has an effect on our daily communication with friends and family.
More specifically, the studies carried out on this subject show that the emotion represented has several effects:

  • It gives information about the sender of the message, especially about his state of mind, his mood, his intention.
  • It influences the reader, acting, as it were, as true facial expressions. For example, people reading a mail feel better when the message contains a smile. In addition, this effect on the mood is more marked with a smiley than with an emoticon. This is certainly due to the better visibility of the smiley, as well as its vertical orientation (it is not necessary to turn it mentally).
  • It reinforces the emotional content of the message. For example, the smiling smiley reinforces an already positive message.


So, must emoticons and smileys be used at will?

For these communication aids to remain effective, it is necessary to make moderate use of them. Indeed, smileys lose their strength when they are used too often. Generally, one or two emoticons in a relatively short message are more than enough.

Moreover, if emoticons are very widely used among young people, they are also used to a lesser extent in the workplace. Moreover, research has shown that employees attribute greater empathy to their leader when he inserts one or two smileys into his emails. On the other hand, beyond two emoticons, this same leader loses credibility and authority to his employees.

Emoticons and personality

This study of emoticons offers very wide possibilities. One question that we can ask ourselves is whether the emoticons we are used to using say something about our personality, beyond the context of immediate communication of which they are part.

Thus, according to a small experiment, the usual use of the laughing smiley would speak of excessively joking personalities, the use of the laughing smiley showing his teeth would indicate a defensive personality and the excessive use of any animal, like the octopus, would say much about a person who has problems to bond with others.

These notes are just a product of curiosity because the study had too many methodological flaws for us to consider these conclusions as solid. However, it is certain that it opens a very rich field of study, which is worth exploring because if there is something certain, it is that these emoticons have arrived to stay. For more information on talking smileys, see other posts from our blog.

Use Get Talking Smileys App and Change the Way You Communicate

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Social media emoticons

The term “emoji” comes directly from Japan and is generally translated in France, by “emoticon”. Since their first appearance several years ago, these smileys used to image an emotion, have literally invaded our daily lives. Embedded in emails, ubiquitous in texting, they also have a prominent place on social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram.

Playful and entertaining, emojis, like gifs, are used on the web by individuals and businesses alike.


Emoticon clapping

But do you know how to exploit them wisely for profit?

Emojis: a communication in its own right: Today on the web, the easiest and quickest option to describe the joy, surprise, anger or gene is definitely the use of emoji. Becauselet’s face it, these colourful and expressive emoticons have the gift of relaxinga conversation, a sentence or an opinion in a few seconds,do not you think?

From now on, emojis are everywhere and have seduced a lot of socio active people, from the average Internet user to the politicians through the brands that have the will to communicate in a unique and more original way. Even going as far as personalizing them like Burger King, Mentos or Ikea, to name a few.Using social media emoticons is, of course, to incorporate them into a text, embedded in an organic or on a photograph as is often the case on the web. But not that … you can quite introduce them into comments or legends to add a humorous and offbeat touch to your message.

Most social platforms offer the use of emoticons and this modern communication, fun and dynamic are perfectly integrated by Internet users around the world.

Use emojis on Instagram

On the Instagram social network, hashtags predominate to allow SEO and search by keywords. This being the case, you can use the emojis at your disposal, in addition to hashtags, to perfect and make your message more playful.

These small visuals find their place in your description that presents your Instagram account to attract your followers or direct them to a particular information or link. These emojis are found in Instagram’s internal search engine and allow you to identify accounts that use the same symbols as you. With more than 25% of posts featuring at least one emoji on Instagram, the social network is the one that contains the most in proportion to the conversations of users.

How to make text messages interesting by using Talking Smileys

After a while, sending some plain text message can be quite boring. Mostly, we text people to convey an important message to them and sometimes it is merely for fun. Many times, we all wonder that what we can do, so that we can make our messages funnier and more pleasing? And the simple solution to this is ‘Talking Smileys’! One can get talking smileys by simply downloading this application and it is available for iPad, iPhone, FB app and Android. ‘Talking Smileys’ contains about more than 100 different kinds of animated emoticons that you can share with your different contacts on Email, Messages, Messenger, Facebook and other social networks.

Here are some ways that you can use ‘Talking Smileys’ to make your text messages interesting by using the funniest and coolest animated talking emoticons and smileys:

Entertain your friends with animated emoticons and smileys! You can entertain yourself and your friends by expressing your feeling through the coolest and funniest talking animated smileys. You can choose from various animated funny emojis and talking smiley videos that will suit your purpose. ‘Talking Smileys’ is quite easy to use and so much fun! So get talking smileys right away!

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Express diverse situations and events! This app has been specially created so that depending on your mood you can entertain your friends, as it offers various animated emojis and smileys to convey, how to feel at various situations and events. So choose your favorite one and expresses yourself in a creative way without using words!

Share your feeling on various social networking platforms The best part about ‘Talking Smileys’ is that you can share your feelings through emoticons and smiley faces on various social networking pla tforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Hike, Viber, Skype, Email, Wechat, Gmail, Hangout, Line and many other. All you have to do is select your favorite Emoticon or smiley and share it across any platform you want. So entertain your friends by sharing some funny animated videos!

Some features of Talking Smileys

  • It is very easy to use.

  • Entertain your friends.

  • Appropriate talking smiley and fun at any age.

  • A variety of emoticons and smileys.

  • Hilarious animated talking emoticon and smileys.

  • One can express various situations and events through ‘Talking Smileys’.

  • One can share them on emails as well as on various social media platforms.

  • Free for everyone. So download this app now and get talking smileys to convey messages to your friends that simple words can’t explain!

5 ways to use emoji’s in the classroom

Get Talking Smileys

Are you looking for a different dynamic for your classrooms? Why not use emojis? Today we give you 5 ideas to do it.

Nowadays people have found out a new way to express their views i.e. through emojis. Now the challenge is how to inculcate it in the classrooms so it will be helpful for the students to make the study go easy. There is an application created to use in the classroom which is get talking smileys.

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1. What do your favorite emoji say about you?

Start by asking your students which emojis they use the most (we assume that most students do or have used emojis).A good way to break the ice may be that we as teachers start talking about the one we use the most.

2. Emoji weekend

This would be a good activity to pose in the first class of the week and practice the past. The idea is that students choose 5 emojis to summarize their weekend (they can repeat an emoji more than once). One student will teach another student his emojis and one of them has to create a sentence in which they will try to get the summary of the weekend.

3. The emojis as a theme for newsroom

In this case, we will provide the students with a series of three or four emojis that will serve as a starting point for a writing exercise. We could include them at the top of a printed page or project them on our electronic board. In any case, we will ask our students to create a paragraph in which they include the meaning of all of them. We can also provide an aid with the start of a sentence that must be completed with the emojis.

4. Emoji exit ticket

The exit ticket will be a short summary of the students at the end of each lesson. It is a simple way of giving the students the short feedback. It will easy for the students to understand the concept of using emojis in the classroom.

5. Emoji idiom quiz

Since the emojis appeared, they have been used to make different interpretations with a humorous tone in social networks. We can find lyrics, the first stanzas of famous novels or entire children’s stories written only with emojis.This trend can be very interesting to teach idioms.

Tips for organizing all of your social media accounts in one place

Organizing more than one social media account is winding up much more typical nowadays. Regardless of whether you’re sorting out different accounts for clients or even simply switching between your very own and business accounts, it can be difficult to continue everything on track. Every platform has its own specific manner of planning, however numerous software, for example, Buffer make it simple to remain sorted out. These are some of our best tips for dealing with various accounts on all your most loved platforms:

Social media, facebook chat×350

Remain Organized
Remaining organized is the most straightforward approach to ensure you never fall behind on posts or disregard one of your accounts. This incorporates planning your content early, mechanizing certain assignments and monitoring the greater part of your profiles day by day. It’s useful to see the greater part of your accounts in a single place utilizing programming, for example, Sprout Social so you don’t have several tabs open on the double. Learning of every platform is additionally urgent so you know how to plan, break down and post content for each.

Plan Ahead, however, Not Too Far
Scheduling your posts early is critical to dealing with various accounts. You can Save enormous amounts of time by batch scheduling at the same time post according to your schedule. I get a kick out of the chance to plan out one day each 2-3 weeks to assemble content and compose posts for my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blog. I’ve discovered this a sweet spot for planning since it gives you enough time in the middle of, yet at the same time takes into consideration including trends, essential news or different events that may come up. Instagram is somewhat more dubious, however, applications like Planoly enable you to design out your matrix, include subtitles and hashtags, and plan posts so all of you need to do is essentially copy and paste.

Utilize the Software
There are numerous awesome software and tools out there particularly to manage various accounts. I’ll share some of my top choices! When planning on Twitter, I adore utilizing Buffer. The interface is spotless and basic and enables you to connect different accounts so you can see everything in one place.

Remember to check-in Daily
Automation is awesome, yet there’s still no substitution for genuine human connection. It’s called online networking for a reason, and we are intended to be social on these platforms. This incorporates reacting to your followers, drawing in with your gathering of people and doing as such in an auspicious way. Mechanized remarks, for example, random emoticons and expressions like “Love this!” can be detected a mile away. I get a kick out of the chance to monitor the greater part of my accounts no less than twice every day to read and react to remarks and messages.

Expression made easy with talking emoticons

emoticons smileys

Talking Emoticonstalking smilyes

Chatting on social media has become an important part of our life since we interact with our friends and family members using texts on a daily basis. However, sooner or later those texts appear somewhat exhausting and we look for ways to make chatting loaded with fun once more. While communicating with your partner you search for the ways to express your feelings in more adorable manner. And after sometime somewhere around the corner, you no longer have words to express, and this is where talking emoticons comes into play.

Benefits of talking smileys: There are several apps available in the market, claiming to deliver the best talking emoticons for each and every mood and feelings. You should definitely try the talking smileys app because it has a long list of talking emoticons that will suit your, each and every mood. Since feelings are best communicated with something animated or visually understandable, which is why you should use emoticons in your day-to-day conversation? Using colorful talking emoticons while chatting with your friend or partner makes messages become much more fun to read while helping you to type fewer words.

Talking smileys is best for flirting: Whenever you are chatting with the person you are dating sends you something funny or amusing, you can send a laughing or clapping emoticon without uttering a single word which gives an idea to your partner that you are enjoying the conversation and are interested in him/her.Using these smileys makes it easy for you to talk out the correct words with real like feelings.

Express your feelings that are to put in words: There comes a point during chatting with your love partner that you get a little cosy with him/her, and this intense feeling is very hard to put forth in words but you can instantly send some flirtatious talking emoticon which might add some spice in the conversation.

Why use talking smileys app? If you want to make your chatting experience on social media platforms with your friend or love partner more interesting and expressive then you must get talking smileys app right now for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Facebook account.

Hundreds of emoticons with multi-platform support: Talking smileys app has been designed in such a way that it makes it easier for you to express yourself with feelings that you cannot express through texts. It offers hundreds of animated talking smileys that let you make your conversations exciting with much more fun.

Express your emotions with Get Talking Smileys App

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Social media platforms have become an essential part of everyone’s day to day life as we interact with our friends and family members through texts on a daily basis. Though, after a while those simple texts seem a bit boring and we seek ways to make the conversation full of life again. Moreover, the simple texts sometimes fail to deliver our thoughts and feelings in the ways we wanted them to be delivered. This might sometimes lead to misunderstandings and many other issues.

Benefits of an Emoticon
The messages we send are mostly for fun and sometimes for professional purposes. As we know, emotions are best expressed with something animated or visually understandable, which is why emoticons were introduced for textual conversations. With an emoticon for your each and every mood, you can easily convey your thoughts in a much convenient way. In fact, with a colorful smiley, the messages become much more fun to read while helping you to keep the words to minimum.

talking smileys app

Why choose our app?
So, do you want to make your chats and conversations on social media more interesting & expressive? If yes, then you need to get talking smileys app right now for your android, iPhone, iPad or Facebook account. When we talk face to face or on phone, it is easier to express ourselves with our expressions and tone but when we talk through texts, the emoticons help us to convey the feelings and our tone perfectly. If you also feel the same then you need not worry as you can easily make your texts more exciting, funnier and communicative with our flawlessly designed application.

Hundreds of emoticons and multi-platform support
We have designed the get talking smileys application to offer hundreds of animated talking smileys that let you make your conversations exciting again. Moreover, we have taken into account the compatibility as well, so that you can easily use the app and share your thoughts unmistakably with your friends & family on Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Email, messages and many other leading platforms.

Get the app now!
Now, the next question that might come on your mind might be, as to where you can get our app for your phone. As an answer to your question, you just need to open the play store or app store on your phone and search for “TALKING SMILEYS” app. As it is available free of cost, you just need to install it.. After installing, you will be able to easily access all kinds of emoticons and put your feelings into words very easily.

Top 3 Social media platforms of 2018

Social Media has become a most visited place. People have started living in the virtual world than in the real one. They are more curious, aware and happy about knowing the updates on these platforms. The popularity of the social media sites is accounted by the number of active users on the website. These are available in multiple languages, empower us to connect with the friends separated by geographical, economical way and also, by political perimeters. Billions of people use the internet and social networking platforms; the count is still on rising day by day as its traction is increasing with a boost in mobile usage.

Social network usage by consumers is sundry:

  • The platform like Facebook and Google+ are majorly focusing on exchanging of talks and sharing of photos, status and social games between the family and the friends. Chatting on such sites have become reality as we can get talking smileys to give it a mesmerizing effect.
  • Additional social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr concentrate on rapid communication and are suitably entitled as microblogs. Few of them are community-based and few others are into the display and highlighting user-generated content.

Let us now talk about the three topmost social media networking sites according to us.

1)  Facebook: According to the most recently researched data which is more or less accurate states that Facebook has crossed the mark of 2.07 billion monthly active users. Due to its massive popularity, media coverage is including the scanning of privacy and psychological effects on the user in a long run. The website has many technical and non-technical aspects. Registered users get their own personal profile that displays the content written by them and the posts shared. Users are allowed to add a profile picture, cover photo and many more photos can be uploaded and shared as per the user likes. These ones and various features have made it the most popular and number one ranked site.

2) YouTube: With 1.5 million monthly active users, YouTube has been ranked as the second most sought-after site. It allows a user to upload, view, add to favorite, share, report and comment on the videos. And you are allowed to subscribe to the other users. It has another social media-based feature termed public beta community that allows the user to post text, live videos, images, etc. on their channel.

3) Instagram: This social networking application is growing as the people are adopting in their every-day lives. It is third most popular social media networking site has 800 million monthly active users. It’s a desktop, mobile and internet-based photo sharing application. It allows users to share photos and videos either publicly, privately or to pre-approved followers. Various digital filters are available for images and geotag to add locations. Related contents can also be linked to the pictures using Hashtag feature. Along with this, an Instagram account can be connected with any other social media profile for common sharing.

Interesting features with easy to use functionality has given a boom to the social media networking and speeding up on the daily basis with growing digitization.

How Talking Emoticons can help you connect better while dating online

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Online dating has become an exciting and most preferred activity. These days you can communicate with your perfect partner in more than one ways. Use of talking smileys is the most recent and popular way of chatting in the digital world of messaging.

Can you tell the most frustrating time in conversation via text message, e-mail or online messaging tool? I tell you, it’s when you are not able to express your feeling or any emotion in words properly. This is the time our heroes enter: Talking emoticons. These help the online dating couple to connect better even without real-time talking.

Below are the list key points of using emoticons to bond better in online dating:

Joy, laughter and flirting: Whenever your dating partner makes a joke, you can send a laughing, clapping or some rocking words uttering emoticon. It gives an idea to the other one that you are enjoying the conversation a lot. At times, in the conversation, you winking flirtatious talking emoticon can add to the spice in the chat. And when planning and asking some option you can send a superb saying smiley to give your consent.

Express feelings hard to put in words: Lovely time in a conversation with your online dating partner makes you feel too happy, warm, and loved. This intense feeling is very hard to put forth in words. It becomes very easy with our smileys which talk out the correct words with real like feelings.

Overcomes language barrier: In case you are dating someone who is not familiar with your language, then this is a big hurdle. It takes lots of efforts to express and get connected to each other. When one shares the photos or a selfie you can appreciate the gesture and beauty with style and show that you are falling for her. Like a case talking smileys are for you as smile means smile and hearts depict love in all languages.

From above points, we can conclude that our talking smileys are great communication aids. These assist in creating, binding and cementing the online relation. One thing which is to keep in mind during the online chatting is that the talking emoticons should not be overused, else they lose the impact. This means that less is more. If used infrequently, then the other partner can judge your personality and the times and conversations you enjoy more.

Our app can be downloaded on any smartphones or tablets. Here are the download links:

Android Playstore

IOS App Store