Express yourself with ease of Talking Smileys

These days people are very much font of using the social networking websites and they used to express their feelings with the help of animated emotions which are commonly known as smileys. These are the expressions and the emotions one can express, without send a line or a message to the other person that what he really want to convey to the person, he is sending the message.

Adding fun and happiness over the talks

Whenever people use the social networking sites, they used to see that they got any message or notifications, for which they can give a reply. But now time has came, where people open a face book as well as the Instagram and give a reply with the help of talking smileys.

There are different kinds of emotions and expression, which can be used to express the feeling of the sender, such as emotional, sad, happy, cool, nice, tired, etc. In the starting of the social networking apps and websites, one can see only the yellow colored round smileys, but now there are plenty of several smileys available in the apps, which one can use to express their mode of emotions to the other person.

Availability of talking smileys on the social media

Initially, it was only available on the messages, where people use to express their feelings by the dots and points but now the talking smileys  are available on the hundreds of social networking apps which includes; Face book, Instagram, Hike messenger, Doodles, Snap chat, etc.

Nowadays, Hike messenger is much in demand and people may find the talking smileys like the celebrities are dancing, president is giving the speech and there are another very much exciting options available, which people are using a mode of communication or we can say that they are saving time by send an emotions to sender and expressing their feelings.

Where it is available?

Our website has most of the new as well as old talking smileys, which is also available in ITunes as well as in the play store but up to a limited numbers. But our website is having an additional expressions or thoughts which one can download from our website on one easy click. All the easy instructions of using these smileys are available on the website. Just visit the page and start using the smileys from our website.

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