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Social media platforms have become an essential part of everyone’s day to day life as we interact with our friends and family members through texts on a daily basis. Though, after a while those simple texts seem a bit boring and we seek ways to make the conversation full of life again. Moreover, the simple texts sometimes fail to deliver our thoughts and feelings in the ways we wanted them to be delivered. This might sometimes lead to misunderstandings and many other issues.

Benefits of an Emoticon
The messages we send are mostly for fun and sometimes for professional purposes. As we know, emotions are best expressed with something animated or visually understandable, which is why emoticons were introduced for textual conversations. With an emoticon for your each and every mood, you can easily convey your thoughts in a much convenient way. In fact, with a colorful smiley, the messages become much more fun to read while helping you to keep the words to minimum.

talking smileys app

Why choose our app?
So, do you want to make your chats and conversations on social media more interesting & expressive? If yes, then you need to get talking smileys app right now for your android, iPhone, iPad or Facebook account. When we talk face to face or on phone, it is easier to express ourselves with our expressions and tone but when we talk through texts, the emoticons help us to convey the feelings and our tone perfectly. If you also feel the same then you need not worry as you can easily make your texts more exciting, funnier and communicative with our flawlessly designed application.

Hundreds of emoticons and multi-platform support
We have designed the get talking smileys application to offer hundreds of animated talking smileys that let you make your conversations exciting again. Moreover, we have taken into account the compatibility as well, so that you can easily use the app and share your thoughts unmistakably with your friends & family on Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Email, messages and many other leading platforms.

Get the app now!
Now, the next question that might come on your mind might be, as to where you can get our app for your phone. As an answer to your question, you just need to open the play store or app store on your phone and search for “TALKING SMILEYS” app. As it is available free of cost, you just need to install it.. After installing, you will be able to easily access all kinds of emoticons and put your feelings into words very easily.

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